Friday, April 27, 2018

Egg Tomato Pulao

Easy meals are always a blessing when you are engaged with so many stuffs in the morning. Preparing foods for a lunch box is definitely a difficult task for a mom especially if the kids are picky eaters. Thank god my kids arent that much picky eaters and now they are grown up. Though i never packed their lunch box for them, i always want to feed them with healthy stuffs in their meal. However i can imagine the hassles every mom go through to cook healthy foods for their kids especially to pack in their lunch box. Am running a month of blogging marathon since three weeks and we are nearing the end of this Mega marathon successfully. Am happy that i could finish this Megamarathon without any hassles though i sticked with easy themes for all these four weeks. Thanks to my followers and my fellow marathoners who are always here for me to give some positive vibes. They never failed to stop motivating me, this gives me more enthu.

Egg Tomato Pulao, Egg Pulao

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Eggless Multigrain Tomato Pesto & Cheese Rolls

If you want something easy and cheesy to pack in your kid's lunch box, you should definitely take a look to my today's post. Its quite an easy cheese rolls you can bake either with store bought bread dough or pizza dough or else with homemade bread dough. This time i opted for a multigrain mixture of flours as i was planning to bake a bread rolls with rye flour, spelt flour, oats,quinoa,pearl millet flour along with wheat flour. And this wholegrains as flour works out awesome to bake out this cheesy rolls. My kids enjoyed thoroughly this cheese rolls with simple cucumber salad for their lunch. Yes served along with a salad or cold soup for a summer lunch or picnic these cheese rolls makes an excellent lunch to finish without any guilt. As much as like always, i prepared my own tomato pesto which I have already posted here, but this time i prepared this vegan pesto with some fresh cherry tomatoes & sun dried tomatoes and this combination works awesome.

Multigrain Pesto rolls with cheese

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Vegan Eggplant & Sunflower Seeds Powder Rice/Kathirikkai Podi Rice

After making two delicious kid's friendly lunch box dishes, i couldnt stop myself making an another delicious lunch box dish with a healthy twist in it. Usually i love to make eggplant rice with a special spice powder to make them more flavourful and delicious. And my today's recipe is definitely a different recipe you would have never crossed yet. I prepared this eggplant rice with a flavorsome rich spice powder using sunflower seeds along with other usual spices. I have prepared couple of breads using sunflower seeds, but never tried them in my cooking. Since i want to make a super duper twist to the usual eggplant rice, i simply opted for a spice powder which goes for Sunflower seeds. Initially i was bit skeptical to use sunflower seeds in this spice powder but seriously i want to give a try eventhough its the first time am preparing a spice powder with sunflower seeds.

Vegan Sunflower Seeds Podi Rice

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Potato & Minced Meat Paratha Pockets

Packing a kid's lunch box is definitely a hard task especially for picky eaters. However i dont pack foods for my kids as they dont carry their lunch boxes. We are running a month of blogging marathon during this whole month of April. With 4 themes for 4 weeks, i have been posting for the past three weeks with different themes. And the final theme for this week is going to be Kid's Lunchbox recipes, after an easy breezy one pot meal, am posting a terrific paratha pockets which calls for a fabulous potato and minced meat filling. My family cant survive more than a day without eating meats, yes they are meat lovers.

Potato & Minced meat Paratha